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  About Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC).  
LISD has developed and implemented the computerised system on pilot basis at ESIC dispensary, medical stores, regional office and central office. The details are given in the following paras.
The Computerised System at ESIC dispensary generates outpatient slips, daily register for OPD visits, Tables on Disease statistics (ESIC Med.5, ESIC Med. 5A), This has replaced manual preparation and provides better query facility and quick data entry with on-line help. This also helps in coping up with long queues at OPD Counter, besides maintenance of "I.P. visits and diseases database".
At ESIC Medical Stores, the Computerised inventory control system provides for Order printing, Automatic Reminder Generation; and processing local purchase, rejection and dispensary wise Issue records. The enhancements made include the drug consumption reports and query answer facilities for planning the purchase schedule and deciding the drug quantities for annual purchases.
The Regional Office computerised system provides for Registration of Insured Persons, Issue of Permanent Identity Cards, Preparation of Medical Report Envelope slips and Defaulters' list in respect of Return of Contribution and dispensary wise exit/re-entry lists for medical/cash benefits to Insured Persons. The Computerised Contribution Receipt System was developed and implemented in R.O. Delhi on Pilot basis for maintaining establishments' receipts accounts and generating periodical (monthly/six monthly) defaulters' lists in respect of Contribution remittance.
The ESIC Head Quarters operational computerised systems include Actuarial Data base for Permanent Disablement Benefit cases, Capital value determination for budget allocation, and generation of annual statistical abstracts.
All the systems are being operated by ESIC officers and staff. The guidance in running the software, if required is provided by LISD.
A Project Management Plan (PMP) has been prepared by NICSI with LISD for (a) creation of infrastructure in Hqrs and ESIC field offices including upgradation of existing systems at ESIC offices in Delhi (b) preparation of Systems Requirement Specification (SRS) for other identified areas (c) implementation of existing computerised system (operational on pilot bases at Delhi) in the other ROs.
An agreement has been signed between ESIC and NICSI for execution of the plan through Computerisation Monitoring Committee (CMC) and Project Management Committee (PMP) formed with the participation of ESIC, LISD and NICSI.
The Hardware and Software tools for dispensary, ESIC Medical Stores, ESIC HQ and, 13 ROs (Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Harayana, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhhya Pradesh, Mumbai, Orissa, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal ) approved by CMC have since been procured through NICSI. The Computer equipments have been dispatched to field offices after testing and acceptance. The ESIC EDP officers have been provided training to maintain and operate the existing computerised system in the field offices and managing EDP centres.
The team for development of System Requirement Specifications (SRS) have been formed at ESIC Hqrs for (a) Insurance – preparation and maintenance of Employers’ profile including maintenance of C – 6 Ledger, C-18, C-19, D-18 And D-19 registers (b) Finance & Accounts – compilation of monthly accounts (c) Medical – rate contract of drugs and medicines (d) Actuarial – activities relating of valuation (e) Administration – personal data including training of staff and officers.

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