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  About Computerised Employees' Pension System (CEPS).  
CEPS has been developed and released for Employees' Pension Scheme 1995 (EPS) implementation. The main modules covered under CEPS are as follows:

Preparation of Members' Profile - This module operation includes capturing of basic information required for EPS members and their families/dependants employed in exempted and un-exempted establishments with proper validation checks.

Pensioners' Profile - This module captures with validation checks and maintains details of (a) pensioner and their families (b) Transfer of PPO from one office to other office within region / between regions and between Bank branches (c) Updation of date of credit entry (d) Updation of Life/Re-marriage Status (e) Entry of date of death (f) Entry of date of Re-marriage.

Calculation of Pension and Preparation of Pension Payment Order (PPO)- The module processes pension calculation for (i) Superannuation (ii) Retirement (iii) Short Service (iv) disabled (v) widow/orphan for death in service and death away from service (vi) nominee (vii) scheme cerificate and (viii) withdrawal benefit. The PPO, Scheme Certificate and withdrawal benefit reports are also being generated under this module.

Maintenance of individual pension fund contribution - CAMPS95 ver 1.0 & 1.0.1 have been enhanced and integrated with CEPS ver 2.0. The individual pension fund contributions and non contributory period are captured, consolidated and maintained for all the covered establishments whereas the EPF contribution accumulations are maintained only for un exempted establishments under this module.

Reconciliation of Bank Accounts in respect of Pensions disbursement – This module processes for (a) first time arrears to be released for new PPO prepared after the date of commencement of pension (b) relief arrears as relief details (c) stopping pension for pensioners opted for capital return option-3 (d) widow and children pension on death of pensioner, relief arrears due to inheritance relief if any and in case of death information received late, excess amount paid to the pensioner and arrears for widow pension and children pension (e) for pensioner having capital return option 1 & 3 amount of capital return and pension to the nominee for capital return option-3 (f) on death/ remarriage of spouse (i) conversion of Children pension to orphan Pension in case death information is received late excess amount towards spouse, arrears due to conversion of children pension to orphan pension and relief arrears due to inheritance relief if any (g) for pensioner having capital return option-2 amount of capital return (h) on death of children and on completion of 25 years of age picking up of next child pension (i) for transferred PPOs, arrears for gap due to transfer (j) stopping of pension on every year from the month of January if life/remarriage certificate not submitted (k) on submission of life/remarriage certificate, pension and arrears for stopped period (l) pension relief for next relief.

The module also generates Reports with Screen display option for (a) Defaulting Pensioners statement for non submitting Life/Re-marriage status (b) Letter for Stopping Pension for non submission of Life/Re-marriage status cases (c) Bank Branch wise monthly statement for credit to pension a/c with date (d) Monthly statement for non-credits in pension a/c (e) PPO wise monthly statement with date of credit for the office (f) Statement for defaulting Bank Branches (not submitting pension credit details).

(vi) Management Information System (MIS) with reference to data on member and their family and Pension - This module generates MIS reports on:

(a) Claims settled/payments made for (i) Receipt and disposal of pension claims (ii) pension cases settled (iii) Pension payments (iv) Return of capital/commutation payments (v) Summary of pension cases particulars (vi) Summary of Return of capital/commutation payments.

(b) Employee member database creation for (i) Progress in database creation during a year (ii) Monthly Progress in database creation (Addition & Collection) (iii) Monthly Progress in database creation (Forwarded to EDP & Data entry) (iv) Member family details record management (v) Age-wise profile of Members.

Monthly Printouts of Control/ Audit Input – The actuarial requirement for EPS have been discussed in depth with the Actuary and EPFO pension wing and documented in agreed specifications. It needed exhaustive enhancement and modification of CEPS ver. 1.0.2 / 1.0.3, CAMPS95 ver. 1.0 / 1.0.1 and CRAS ver 2.0. besides total integration. The major activities for completing acturial requirement included the following:

CEPS Enhancements.

Stock Data Check by (i) Segregation of Valid & Invalid Records based on embedded checks (ii) Checking of Member data by re-punching.

Salary Check by (i) checking for salary as provided by the employer against any unreasonable increase in salary by comparison of salaries of current year & previous two years for each member (ii) finding out period for which gap in monthly wages occurs.

Reconciliation for exit and new entrants.

Commutation of pension as specified under para 12A of EPS 95 for (a) existing pensioners on or after 16/11/1998 and (b) new pensioners in on after 16/11/1998.

Maintenance of Scheme Certificate for (a) issuing (b) receiving and (c) exit cases.

Automatic calculation of actual service, eligible service, pensionable service, pensionable salary by linking of received scheme certificate details, wages received under CAMPS95.

Withdrawal Benefit as per para of EPS 95.

Importing of member’s data received from vendors with MIS updation facility.

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