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  Labour Bureau.  
In order to formulate effective and need based policies, plans and programmes concerning labour at the National level, quick collection, processing, retrieval and dissemination of relevant and upto date information on various aspects of labour at one place is considered very essential.
The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is being communicated by Labour Bureau to MOL, PMO and Finance Ministry through NICNET. The CPI data series will be maintained on LABOUR web page.
The monitoring of implementation of the various labour laws and labour welfare measures involves collection, compilation and updation of information/data from various State Govts and Central agencies for various purposes. Efficient and speedy exchange of information is considered essential for effective monitoring of various programmes. It was therefore, felt necessary to evolve a Labour Information Network System at National and Regional level. The networking programme envisages computer networking of all the offices of the Bureau, various state labour deptts., offices of the RLC(C), the NLI, the main Secretariat of the Ministry of Labour, DGET, DG(FASLI) and DGMS etc.
The main objective of networking is to provide on line computer facilities and access to the data on Labour Statistics to various users at All India level. This will help the Bureau in developing a Management Information System (MIS) and a Decision Supporting System(DSS) for sound Policy formulation and effective implementation of various schemes. It will help in the timely evaluation of the results from the on line availability of the data. Networking will facilitate quick effective decision making among government planners, Policy makers, workers groups and employers by providing timely, adequate and relevant information. The Labour Network is proposed to be maintained with the help of NICNET.
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