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  Computer Training.  
Regular in-house training courses are being conducted by LISD for the Ministry staff in using the computers in LAN environment, MS-Windows, word processing and spreadsheet packages. Quarterly training calenders are prepared to impart training at various levels. The contents of training varies from computer awareness to internet usage besides word processing and application software packages developed for the Ministry.
Training Programmes have been conducted in the Ministry covering officers and staff. Training is also given to users to operate application software packages developed for their sections. Hands-on help is provided for efficient use of computers. However, the emphasis is to make the users self dependent in maintaining their computerised systems with regular training and interactive help. Training Management System has also been developed to take care of in house training status and nomination processing and is operational with CMT unit of the Ministry.
The Training Programmes for senior officers are being arranged on exclusive basis also on request. The officers and staff members from Ministry of Labour and its offices are also nominated for training under NIC hqrs Training Division programmes.
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